Friday, June 22, 2007

Window Box and Daisies

My dearest man made me a window box to go under my kitchen window last weekend. Isn't it lovely? I am so happy with it and look forward to filling it with all sorts of pretty flowers. So far I have planted a daisy plant that grew up on its own in my yard and two 'crimson rambler' a 'morning glory' only red. Hopefully the crimson rambler will be able to vine up the sides of the window and peak in at me when I am working in the kitchen. The window box is at just the right height to see whatever is growing in there from my kitchen, so I can keep an eye on my little plant babies. I haven't finished painting the front yet (over the screw holes and such)...I love that color of green paint.
The other pictures here are some of my back door area...just to the right of this kitchen window.


Michal said...

How CUTE is your back door?! :) and your window box will be so much fun! It's pretty :)

Ana said...

I love your window box. It's such a pretty color. And I love the daisy in it. Daisy plants are so cute. How fun!