Saturday, June 2, 2007

Sister fellowship~'::

On Thursday afternoon my dear sisters-in-law, Ana and Leah, came over to my house to share the lovely afternoon with me (their brother E was over here for a little while too to keep us company!). We went to the library first to find a couple of books, then came back to my house. The sun was shining very brightly on the patio, so we decided a quilt under the trees was maybe a better idea! We looked at our library books, worked on our homemaking notebooks, drank homemade sweet iced tea from bottles, and took pictures of random pretty things. The girls I babysit came over for an hour--the baby slept on the quilt by us and the two older ones played in the sandbox. It was such a nice afternoon!


Ana said...

Oh Kat! I had such a WONDERFUL time. Thank you for the afternoon!!! It is always a joy to be able to do something with you!

Mrs Pea said...

Oh Katya I know that every life has it's less than photogenic moments and I am sure you don't want to be on a pedestal or anything, but really your blog is just so precious - lovely images, sweet words of a simple life - it's so uplifting to me as a stranger reading it and will be a real treasure for you to look back on I'm sure.

Charity Dawn said...

It looks like you had such a fun time!

Katya said...

Mrs. Pea~ I am glad if my blog can bring encouragement. I hope that. As you say, I don't want to be on a pedestal...anything beautiful about my life isn't because of me, nor do I want it to look as if my life is perfect or always lovely and happy and photogenic (no life is, right?). But I get such joy from the blessings from my Father that surround me each day that I long to share them and the joy that they give me. Sunlight, flowers, fruit, soft baby hands, color patterns, friendship. Each of them is a gift from our Lord. They thrill me and give me a teeny, weeny taste of the real BEAUTY and REST and LOVE...Jesus!

I am glad that we are able to have a sort of companionship as we travel along the road to the 'celestial city', even though we live in different parts of the world, Mrs. Pea. I am glad for the blogging world for that reason.