Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Monday with Livi

Clothes folding instructions, followed with enthusiasm!

Herb harvesting~
Supposed to be putting my feet up... 

 Mitford story on unabridged audio.

Sage                                                                                                                                      Purple Basil

 After-nap lovin's :)


Little girl nail sparkles                                                                                                  Tea-time with scones
(from the morning's baking with Auntie)

 Supper prep: Beets from Pa's garden
It was so lovely to have her here!


 I finished up the last of the winter jammies this past weekend.  The littles are super snuggly in their flannel.  

*     *     *  

 Soft fleece with baseball stitching!  Oh how the little man loves "game-ball".

(A great use for unworn parts of retired flannel sheets. :))

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Do you see my box of treasure?  A pile of vintage lace that I got for a smile, quite literally, at a wonderful antiques garage sale that I stopped at on my way home from a haircut Friday afternoon.  I will be going back to visit this neighbor's sales.

Anyone who knows me well could tell you...I'm thrilled!

(If there weren't such a thing as dust I would put a pile of it in my room, just so I could soak in the beauty.)

Sunday, August 19, 2012

church picnic

We have fellowship meals every first and third Sunday; in the summer, any time it's not raining, it's a picnic at the park!


Saturday, August 18, 2012

Corn Days Parade 2012

We sat on the curb at Mimi & Pa's this year.


Yoshi calls these "Foffer-Gock"s. Rosie still plugs her ears for the horns; I suppose it's just as well if Baby can get used to the noise from safely inside the first year. ;) 

Look who's coming guys...
It's Uncle Will!
Mr. EMT chucking candy with precision. :)

  Our sweet, pink candy-fetcher.  The uncles always help with that.

Just like Farmer Boy!