Monday, June 25, 2007

Sunday Picnic

Our afternoon was so lovely. My man and I and our two
families brought a picnic to the park by the lake after church. It was a warm and sunny afternoon, with just enough breeze to make it pleasant. We brought quilts to spread on the hill next to the lake so we could enjoy the sunshine and watch the boats on the lake. My man brought our boat, of course, and several of us were able to enjoy a ride and a couple rode in the tube. We celebrated Mama and Papa's anniversary and Leah's birthday (last week). I am so blessed to have two wonderful families that I love spending time with, and not only that, but that love spending time with each other! Such wonderful fellowship is to be had with family who love the Lord!


Ana said...

It WAS so lovely. And fun, and enjoyable and wonderful!!!! I'm glad our families get along so well. How horrid would it be if we didn't?! I love your pictures. Do you suppose, if you have time, you could send me your pictures from Sunday but also from Saturday as well. :) Please. I'm planning on sending mine to you,I just haven't gotten around to it. :) Thanks. Love ya!!!

Leah said...

That was sooo much fun!!! Thanks for posting! And keeping us updated on your day to day activities! :) I love hearing about it.

Blugrasmom said...

I am so thankful that your precious mom and dad fell in love, married, and had precious children!! I am also thankful for children they did not bear, but have cared for!!! Praise be to God for His many kindnesses and mercies, like love and tenderness shared between friends and spouses. The Lord is so good!!!