Thursday, June 7, 2007

Of windows, roses, and trellises ~*~

This morning was such a beautiful morning. It’s a beautiful day actually—sunny and [quite] warm with a strong wind (‘from the southwest at 29 mph gusting to 39 mph’, per The wind would make it hard to, say, scrapbook outside today, but it is quite nice if you are doing what I was doing this morning: washing porch windows, cleaning dead canes out of rose bushes, and making a Morning Glory trellis out of said canes. It is so much nicer to see the sparkle in the windows; it allows you to truly enjoy the sunshine pouring through them. I am not quite sure how it would be best to train the roses to climb. One of my bushes is definitely a climbing rose and is going to need something to climb on here soon; it is up against the house, but there’s nothing to tie it to…hmm. The other bushes are getting tall…wonder if they should be tied too. Although I am very interested in becoming a real Rose Gardener, I am quite ignorant of how to take care of them. Perhaps this is a good time to read my books on roses! I was pleased to find how big and strong last year’s rose canes were for making things out of. I will have to remember to save them every year for making trellises. I secured some of the main cross pieces of my little trellis with wire and then wove the rest…it worked surprisingly well! My little baby plants are coming up in the vegetable garden now. My peas and green beans are coming up, as well as the corn, summer squash, one winter squash, onions and garlic. I am happy to see that the rabbits aren’t eating them this year (I guess our little wire-mesh fence is working :) ). Oh, and my beautiful purple Clematis climbing in the front of my house is just about to bloom!


Charity Dawn said...

Your house must look so pretty with all of your improvements. Flowers always make a house look prettier. So do clean windows;oD

Ana said...

I'm love the idea of making trellises out of old rose canes. :) What a wonderful idea for your little roses. And I'm so glad your garden is coming up!!! Hurrah for growing plants.