Saturday, June 30, 2012

around the house, this week

 Roses for Greta from Grandma Connie
 Basket of pieces for my lastest project
Yellow in the suds 
Listening to audio of the Little House books in their little "nests" ... & My collage present from Greta 

  Last weekend's hemp braiding with birthday beads

Friday, June 29, 2012

Morning Baking

 *  *  *  *  *

Both of these recipes are delicious and I highly recommend them if you are looking for gluten and dairy free alternatives!

:: Two ::

Josiah is two! 

Little Man is getting so big, so grown up.  His vocabulary is increasing every day; he said his first sentence this week while watching the birds, "Birds...go away...up the sky!"  He loves sister so much; they play together all day long.  He loves to help Daddy with projects: "Help-it Daddy".  He loves wagon rides from sister--speeding ones down the hill.  He gives Mama really nice kisses, and when I ask him if he's special, he gets little softies in his eyes and says, "Puh-sho" (he knows I love it).

His birthday was Monday, and Sunday we had a lovely dinner, afternoon, and evening with Caleb's family to celebrate (Josiah and just being together!)  Caleb made delicious sweet and spicy glazed chicken for dinner.

We had a birthday cake, of course!  With sprinkles...always a great excitement.

Josiah was pleased and a wee bit abashed to have everybody singing to him!

 He put that cake and ice cream right down. 


Jay & Ana brought fresh salmon from their weekend's fishing, and Jay and Caleb put some together to grill for our supper.  Beautiful stuff.  Salmon and watermelon...what's better?  Such a treat.

The guys had no trouble stayin' busy while the salmon marinated...

                   (Taking my turn)

Wow, it tasted amazing.

*  *  *  *  *

 Birthday-day was a good one, too.  Lots of happy playing with Greta.

He was quite thrilled with his "biloo" & "gween" birthday balloons.  He carried them around all day.

*    *    *

The evening treat was going together to the uncles' baseball game just down the road for a little while.

                  Uncle E.

 Uncle Ben
And the uncles' team won!

We're so thankful for our boy.