Friday, May 18, 2012

Pancakes & Blueberries

Mother's Day

We had a beautiful day for a little barbecue dinner at our house after church. 
Grammy Rose was with us, and it was her birthday too!

Four generations

* * * * *

In the evening we went riding on the lake.

 Uncle Jay is so much fun!!

Josiah says, "Jay!  Faster!"

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nature table

Ready for a pretty leaf or a fistful of dandelions.

Rainy Days

Greta got to help plant her flowers from Daddy last Friday afternoon:

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Laundry and waffles

Oh, the air smells so good coming through my open windows.  Like blossoms.  I don't know where they are or if it's just the buds on the trees, but the smell makes my day.  My windows have had warm air blowing in them this week!  I've decided 75 degrees is my favorite temperature.

My laundry room is a happy thing.  I finally got around to really cleaning it last weekend.  It's such a cheerful room.  I didn't really mind the cream and brown original curtains, but my strawberry tablecloth is oh-so-much better!  I have my grandma's suitcases that I have always loved above my cupboards, and they, happily, even match the strawberry leaves.  I am definitely thinking some red mini twinkle lights need to be dribbled about for rainy days.

* * * * *

Cooking gluten-free and, for Josiah, dairy-free sometimes feels natural enough and sometimes feels like beating your head against the proverbial stone wall.  This morning's head beating was very happily relieved by a new recipe I found to try for waffles from Michelle's blog.  A bit of variety, don't you know.  They went together very easily and tasted quite good.  The kids loved them and I have two breakfasts' worth squirreled away in the freezer to pop out and toast!

Yours truly, making said waffles. 
Did you catch what was in the bottom of the picture?

A bump!
Baby is safely along to the four month mark.
We are very excited!

A plateful of yumminess.

I do not believe in skimping on either butter (on mine) or honey (on anyone's). :)