Friday, December 2, 2011

Split Rock Lighthouse, 2011

We got to go with Caleb's family to spend a few days on Lake Superior just before Thanksgiving.  We had a wonderful time--restful and interesting.


Such a handsome structure, and so vital for the ships of its day.

The lens.  It was amazing to learn about this lighthouse--all that went into making it and keeping it going.

 Greta was so excited to stomp around in the snow.  Sweet face.

The home of the keepers

Having a good time, but maybe a little chilly!

The Man

Even Josiah wanted to peek in the window to read the specs

Auntie Ana and her faithful shadow

 Josiah-the-squishy at the museum, enjoying the lego model of the lighthouse

 * * * * *
 The keepers of this lighthouse were strong and determined, faithful to keep their post in this unpredictable frontier.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Joyful Hymn of Praise 2011

We enjoyed a performance by the Deo Cantamus Chorale and violinist Luther Warren last Saturday evening.  The music was truly beautiful.  Handel and hymns, arrangements new and old, a "Joyful Hymn of Praise" to our Lord it was indeed.   

Leah, Caleb and Will were part of the chorale.  What a joy it was to hear these beautiful songs they've been practicing, now full, all the voices lifted in harmony. 

Greta and Josiah knew the pieces from hearing Daddy and Uncle Bill practice them in the evenings.  Josiah sat quiet through the whole of Handel's "My Heart is Inditing" that he knows so well and conducted with his little hands.

A great evening. 
I look forward to Deo Cantamus' next performance in the spring!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Homish comforts

We're having some sickie days here.
Poor little Rosie has the worst of it, but she's been a great sport.

Cooking episodes are the comfort-viewing of choice. 
We also, thankfully(?), have enough extended family with the same bug to vary the company a bit!

 We have had our first coldish days.  I am so thankful for my new woodstove!  I've delighted in starting fires with marvelous control of the draft.  And it has a WiNdOw so I can WaTcH the crackle and the flames!  It's all very thrilling.

 {crackle, snap...warm}

The Ironing

"If she wasn't having a baby on Tuesday, my mother ironed.  She had three flatirons, which she heated on top of her kitchen range and which she lifted with a detachable handle.  She changed irons about every ten minutes as they cooled off.  When I awakened on Tuesday morning, I could hear my mother ironing.  The handle sqeaked as it was pushed against the flatiron moving across the ironing board."
(Nothing to Do but Stay: My Pioneer Mother, by Carrie Young, pp.42-43 [Iowa City, 1991])