Sunday, June 3, 2007

Weekend Boating

My man took me and his siblings out for an afternoon on the lake on Saturday. It was the first time that we had been able to use our 'tube', and we enjoyed it to the fullest! Ana, Leah, E and I took turns getting a ride...then Ana drove the boat so my man could enjoy a ride too. :) It was only in the mid seventies temperature-wise, so it was a bit cool when the sun went behind a cloud, but we didn't mind. ;) We spent a good couple of hours on the lake. We drank lemonade from the 2-gallon cooler and kept an eye on the person behind to make sure they didn't tip over (I was actually the only one who did fall out of the tube...I was more careful about keeping my balance after that!). It is so nice to have a lake right here in our town...that way, an afternoon of water-fun can be a last minute thing. I hope to be able to work it out so that my family can come down for an afternoon of riding in the tube...I know that they would enjoy it! It is so nice to see the summer stretching ahead of you. I know it will go fast, but it is so nice while it is here.


Charity Dawn said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful time! How nice to have a lake so close by.

Ana said...

It was so much fun to be able to spend the afternoon with you and C in the boat. It was also fun to be able to learn to drive the boat. It was just great to spend time with you guys!! Thanks!!!!