Friday, December 2, 2011

Split Rock Lighthouse, 2011

We got to go with Caleb's family to spend a few days on Lake Superior just before Thanksgiving.  We had a wonderful time--restful and interesting.


Such a handsome structure, and so vital for the ships of its day.

The lens.  It was amazing to learn about this lighthouse--all that went into making it and keeping it going.

 Greta was so excited to stomp around in the snow.  Sweet face.

The home of the keepers

Having a good time, but maybe a little chilly!

The Man

Even Josiah wanted to peek in the window to read the specs

Auntie Ana and her faithful shadow

 Josiah-the-squishy at the museum, enjoying the lego model of the lighthouse

 * * * * *
 The keepers of this lighthouse were strong and determined, faithful to keep their post in this unpredictable frontier.