Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Busy boy

 All worn out from a morning gardening with Mama, little fingers still grubby from the dirt he was playing with. 

Sister was so nice to bring him some animals to play with.  See those sun-kissed cheeks and arms?  I can't believe he's going to one year old next month.

Monday, May 16, 2011


My Grandma had a birthday last weekend.  Actually both of my Grandmas did, but we were able to share a birthday supper for Grandma Edna at Aunt Karen's.  It was lovely.  Greta was so pleased to go to Aunt Karen's and to see Great-Grandma Edna. :)

Rhubarb cake!

Josiah found the tupperware cupboard--oh joy!
He and Greta had the greatest time playing with them. :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My guy,
doing what he does so well.
A bit of weekend work.

Friday, May 13, 2011

"Come forth, ye blossoms! --over hill and lea,
A breathe of sweetness wantons with the sea;
And mid the smiles and tears of tender Spring,
On dripping boughs I heard the throstle sing:
Ye cups and stars that strew the fair, green field,
Ye wings of gold the prickly gorses yield;
Ye pensive bells to purple pageants born,
Ye milk-white may-buds of the mantling thorn,
Ye violet gems and eyes of sapphire blue;
Wan, flushing wind-flowers and shy elfin crew
Of every crannied wall, --come forth!-- and fling
Your vernal showers around me while I sing;"

'A Song of Salutation'  E.M.Holden

Thursday, May 12, 2011


Mother's Day

Both of our dear mothers live in our town this year; Caleb and I are so blessed.  After worshipping together in the morning we all gathered at my mom and dad-in-law's home for dinner grilled by Caleb (having again our menu from Christmas Day, a very favorite now).  Our brothers and sisters helped to prepare the steaks and salads; it was a joy to do it together--Caleb and I, being the oldests of our siblings, have a precious window in time where we can have them around for all of these celebratory meals.

  The guys know how to get things done...
even grinding pepper!

'Papa' (Caleb's dad) is one of Yoshi's special buddies

 The good-looking griller guy

(So pleased with her new shoes)

Oh,'s Rosie and me :) (Will took these first three: thanks!) 

 Josiah's first swing ride!  He was thrilled.


 Evening on the lawn

{Family and memories I'm so thankful for.}