Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Summer Joys~

This week has turned out to be a rather warm one, and that combined with the fact that the ground has been well watered by summer thunderstorms, plants are growing well. Lawns are getting long and weeds are profuse! I am happy to see the tomato plants getting leafier and the peas and green beans growing fast. The onion and garlic plants are getting taller. They needed some weeding, so I worked on that this morning for a little while. The summer squash leaves are getting big! It is exciting to see these promises of garden produce to come.
All of the rose bushes in front of my house are blooming now. They’re so lovely. It was a joy to find these bushes here when I came. It’s nice too, to have a strong and healthy few bushes that I seemingly can’t destroy while I learn how to take care of roses. The blossoms are such a joy to come down my front steps and see, and the light pink one has a particularly lovely fragrance. Damask-like I think. Lovely.


Ana said...

I love it when things in the garden start to grow, and then produce! It's so exciting. I'm glad you are able to have your own garden and see it grow. How happy! And your roses are beautiful!! Roses are such a joy to have!

Charity Dawn said...

Truly growing things are summer joys. I love to see all of the beauty that springs up right in front of our eyes. Yes, our God is a magnificant Creator.