Friday, June 29, 2007


Mama and L and I stopped at the greatest thrift store yesterday on our way home from the city, and I found this beautiful bedspread. It is exactly what I want for my room. It is a thing of beauty...the lovely worn-to-softness fabric and crocheted squares. Perfectly warm and vintage.


Blugrasmom said...

How lovely!! I am so happy for you and for these amazing finds/blessings that God is sending your way. Buttons, bedspreds, bountiful berries. You've got a thing going with things that start with the letter "B". Blessing from our God who knows all we need or can hope for. He is so kind and good. I miss you sweet girl!! Your sense of beauty and lovely things thrills and inspires me. Thank you for sharing this gift.

Ana said...

I want one!!! It's so prtty. I LOVE IT!!!! :) I'm so happy for you. I'm sure it makes sleeping much more enjoyable. ;) What a fun way to lighten up your bedroom! Wahoo!!

Mary said...

I really need to know where your thrift store is! Gorgeous, and so is your blog.