Friday, February 2, 2007


Weekends, for me, start on Friday 'cause my man works four 10-hour days each week. I love having it that way...we're able to get lots of projects done! Today was a getting-the-groceries and chopping-wood-to-keep-us-warm-in-the-coming-month day. Here is a collage of pictures from my day! Ana is here and we're having fun taking lots of pictures :).

~keeping the fire going on a very cold day~

my's cold out!~*~work boots...a must on a Friday~*~luv lemons

work jeans
* * *
New yarn for an afghan that I'm starting. I love these soothing!


Ana said...

I love your pictures!! It was so great being there when you took and them posted them!! Thanks for a great afternoon!!! Thanks for sharing the pictures too!!!!

Nate and Emily said...

What lovely colors in your afghan yarn, Katie! I adore greens and creams---and am currently attempting to convince my sweet husband that the proper wall colors for our woodsy cabin must include varying shades of green and brown (you know, sage, olive, taupe, beige, sand) and accents of bright cream...with natural wood....*raptures of paint heaven* My father's daughter, I am. *sigh* :)