Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Quilting Monday

Yesterday was a truly good day. The morning was a bit of a catch-up-from-the-weekend morning...straightening, putting away, cleaning the hearth, etc.
In the afternoon I was able to spend some time with my man's sisters, which was so nice! We stopped by the new thrift shop here in town to browse a bit and then went to the craft store to buy some fabric for Ana to make a quilt with. Afterwards I brought my crocheting back to their house with me, and we all worked on various projects together and drank hot tea to stay warm :). When Ana's fabric was washed and dried, we began to cut out the squares. I was surprised at how quickly it went with both of us cutting. :) We were able to get all of one color done and about halfway through the other. Soon she'll be able to do the fun part and sew them all together!
Ana, Leah, and my man's mother made a delicious supper, and when my man got off of work he came over and we all ate together. It is so good to have family living close enough that we can live our daily life together. Thank you, Father, for this blessing!


Emma Barnhart said...

I was so happy to see you "back" this morning... you should consider posting some recipes on here, maybe as a list or something - you just keep putting up these amazing pics of food and it just makes me want to cook some of it! What is that amazing thing with the cute little haystacks?! Love to you all!

Ana said...

Thank you so much for your help on my quilt! It's such a joy to have your help in this! It's also a joy to know, when it's done, that we "labored in love" together. :) The thought will make it cozy and more special! You're the best!! So glad to have you as a Sis!!!!!