Thursday, February 8, 2007

my afternoon

Yesterday afternoon I was babysitting my two little friends again...this time they brought along their little horses to play with in my living room. There was a general trying-on-all-of-my-vintage-aprons party (which was adorable). I had a few minutes to sit cross legged on my kitchen floor, listen to the classical radio station, and put together a couple of collages in one of my notebooks. I went through the stack of magazines that I had here earlier this week and tore out any little picture that I would want for a collage (not the majority of what was in there!) and I found enough for a few more pages in my notebooks. :)
All three of us had a yummy afternoon snack of banana bread...mine with the addition of a cup of lukewarm black coffee. I decided that I definitely prefer my coffee hot and with cream in it...;)
Here are the pages of my notebook...they're just a right-brained collection of pictures representing things that I love (kind of like this blog!). You'll notice a reoccurring, home, hearth, home-making. I am so thankful that God not only gives us commandments to be keepers at home, but also provides great JOY and fulfillment in doing it!

(Again, if you can't see the picture very well, just click on it for a larger image!)

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Ana said...

Oh Katya, I love your book, I would love to see it some time. *wink, wink* :) It looks so much fun, just like you, creative and fun! I love seeing what you do, you're very artistic, God has granted you a wonderful ability to use what you have (and enjoy it) and make it lovely and homey! Love your pictures! Thanks for sharing!!