Wednesday, February 28, 2007

George Muller ~ The Importance of Reading the Word

In what way shall we attain to this settled happiness of soul? How shall we learn to enjoy God? How shall we obtain such an all-sufficient soul-satisfying portion in Him as shall enable us to let go the things of this world as vain and worthless in comparison? I answer, This happiness is to be obtained through the study of the Holy Scriptures. God has therein revealed Himself unto us in the face of Jesus Christ.”*
“The more we know of God the happier we are….when we became a little acquainted with God…our true happiness…commenced; and the more we become acquainted with Him, the more truly happy we become. What will make us so exceedingly happy in heaven? It will be the fuller knowledge of God.”
“Now… I would give a few hints to my younger fellow-believers as to the way in which to keep up spiritual enjoyment. It is absolutely needful…we should read regularly through the Scriptures, consecutively, and not pick out here and there a chapter. If we do, we remain spiritual dwarfs. I tell you so affectionately. For the first four years after my conversion I made no progress, because I neglected the Bible. But when I regularly read on through the whole with reference to my own heart and soul, I directly made progress. Then my peace and joy continued more and more. Now I have been doing this for 47 years. I have read through the whole Bible about 100 times and I always find it fresh when I begin again. Thus my peace and joy have increased more and more.”
“I saw more clearly than ever, that the first great and primary business to which I ought to attend every day was, to have my soul happy in the Lord.”
“I saw that the most important thing I had to do was to give myself to the reading of the word of God, and to meditate on it…. What is the food of the inner man? Not prayer, but the word of God; and…not the simple reading of the word of God, so that it passes through our minds, just as water runs through a pipe, but considering what we read, pondering over it, and applying it to our hearts.”
(* “In them…we become acquainted with the character of God. Our eyes are divinely opened to see what a lovely Being God is! And this good, gracious, loving, heavenly Father is ours—our portion for time and for eternity.”)

~George Muller

(Quotes found in When I Don’t Desire God: How to Fight for Joy, by John Piper, pp.118-119)

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Mama, my sister, and I were talking a little bit about George Muller yesterday and were reminded of these quotes that I had written down in one of my notebooks. We were encouraged by the reading aloud of these words, and I thought that perhaps the rest of you might be as well.


Michal said...

This is so encouraging! Thank you for putting it up! I am so glad of the reminder of what is most important in my life. :)

Ana said...

Thank you, thank you for the comment. I have read that book, but it's been sometime. I should read it again. Along with all the other books I should read. :) Thanks again for sharing with us! Love you!