Wednesday, February 7, 2007


There is a certain meal that I have a great weakness for...whenever I mention (again) to my man that this is indeed my favorite, he says, "Yes, I know!" (I guess I've mentioned it a few times...) For a while there I was making it quite frequently...until I had compassion on my poor man one day and began trying to do more research in the cookbooks that I got for Christmas...attempting to introduce more variety into our meals. But I can't resist making it once in a while. It's not some fancy gourmet something-or-other with a rich sauce, or an impressive roast and potato doo-dah. It's simply chicken pieces roasted with onions and lemon, salt and pepper, and some sort of rice--like today's white rice steamed with sauted onion and my mama's homemade chicken stock--and of course a salad and iced tea. There you have it. Katya's Great Confession of Food Weakness. My favorite. I like making it. I like looking at it. I like eating it. In "the old days" when I'd be downstairs in the school room doing school (like when I was doing English and American Literature right before dinnertime...the which I loved inordinately), I'd make an abbreviated version...Mama or I would make a salad and then just put shredded chicken pieces right in the salad. Iced tea made it a meal for a king. Or maybe just a queen, since this seems to be a sort of girly lunch. Today was a sort of day when I could indulge in making it again.

On a different note, I am enjoying the winter sunshine today. Yesterday was majorly cozy with all that snow coming down. But it was a bit cloudy all day...(I suppose I would be too if I were a cloud, trying to keep all that snow up in the sky as long as I could.) But this morning dawned bright and clear, with the sun reflecting orange-y on my neighbors' windows as it came up, and white smoke rising in the air from people's furnaces. (Is it smoke that comes from a gas furnace?) It just so happens that the place to find the best sun-patch in my house is the bathroom, which is alright, I suppose, because it's right off of the main room and I can keep the door open to enjoy the sunshine. I love sunshine and enjoy it whenever I can. Anyway, until later...


Melissa said...

My mouth waters. My heart warms. I remember the happy salads from the "old days" and can almost smell today's lemon chicken as you describe it. And the sun today. Brilliant, cold, sparkly.
God is good. Keep thanking Him!

Katya said...

My dearest good to see your name in the comments section. I am so thankful that you taught me how to love cooking and to see God's hand creating, providing, beautifying, and sustaining in even the foods that we prepare! I love you so, my mama and friend. Love, Kahti