Tuesday, February 6, 2007

My Tuesday

We got lots of snow last night and this morning! I woke up to four-ish inches on the ground and more snow falling down, swirling in the wind. It is still snowing in the early afternoon...big, fluffy flakes...piling high because it is so cold out (4 degrees according to weather.com...feels like -4). I shoveled off the front step and a little path to the mailbox, but decided to leave the rest for my man to move out of the way with the snowblower this evening because there's a lot ;). The woodstove is keeping us nice and cozy...I just have to make sure that I don't put too much wood in the stove at once or it gets up to 80 or 85 degrees in the main room!

This afternoon is a babysitting afternoon...two sweet little girls, which means two extra little pairs of shoes on the mat! They are coloring in a coloring book at the table in front of the woodstove. They were looking for the pictures of horses to color in! I am pleased with how well they're sharing the same coloring book :). S went and found my old baby doll and is making sure that she stays warm in front of the stove. C thinks that she'll go and write a story about a horse now.

I have gotten twelve hexagons done for the afghan that I bought the yarn for last weekend. There are still 71 left to go, but at least it's a start! I hope to get a few more done today. I really like the pattern for the afghan (I got it from my man's sweet sister L...she's working on one too!). I think I'll go work on them a bit more now...

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Ana said...

Katie!! I love the pics!! I especially love the pics of C and S! They are such sweet, cute girls!! And I love their shoes!!!! Ahhh, cuteness!!!! Thanks for sharing!! :) I wrote, as you may have already seen, a post very much like yours this morning. :) Great minds think alike right. ;) Love ya, thanks again for sharing!