Wednesday, February 21, 2007

That is what our sacrifice of ourselves should be—“full of life”. Not desponding, morbid, morose; not gloomy, chilly, forbidding; not languid, indolent, inactive; but full of life, and warmth and energy; cheerful, and making others cheerful; ... happy, and making others happy; contented, and making other contented; doing good, and making others do good, by our lively vivid vitality—filling every corner of our own souls and bodies, filling every corner of the circle in which we move, with the fresh life blood of a warm, genial, kindly Christian heart. Doubtless this requires a sacrifice; it requires us to give up our own comfort, our own ease, our own firesides, our dear solitude, our own favorite absorbing pursuits, our shyness, our reserve, our pride, our selfishness.” ~ Arthur P. Stanley

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