Monday, March 26, 2007

Wonderful Day at the Farm

My man and I got to drive up to the farm after church for Sunday dinner and the afternoon! I had such a good time. It was warm (65-70) and breezy...we walked all over the farm, visiting the animals and taking pictures.

(Braid: My beautiful little sister; Cap: My farmer brother; Knife: My canadian mountie/state trooper/cowboy/farmer little brother; ...see the brand new little calves!)


Ana said...

I love your parent's farm. I want to go! *sobs* And I love the pictures you took! They are the best! Thanks for letting us peek into your family time. :)

Grammy said...

Hello darlin' - so great to talk with you and to "see" your life in pictures. They say it all and God smiles down. Lovingly. Grammy