Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rainy Day Decorating

It's cloudy and rainy outside this afternoon, there's a fire crackling in my wood stove, and I decided to do some rearranging. :)
~I distressed a picture frame that I painted on Monday...said picture frame is hung on the wall without glass or a back, and I have a plate hung and a picture tacked on the wall inside the frame. It looks nice. ~*~

~The picture pinned inside my frame with a thumb tack--from a Carl Larsson calendar.

~I sanded the corners of my frame a bit with none other than a fingernail file ;), because I didn't know where, or if, my man had some sandpaper (for those of you who may not man is definitely a metal man, though he makes beautiful things for me out of wood when he so chooses).

~My "Cream of Wheat" picture from my kitchen, moved to a new location near to where he was before to make room for...
~The newest shelf in my kitchen (made out of a nifty old crate). The arrangement warms up an unusual corner formed by an old chimney.

~The lighted star (originally from the top of the Christmas tree) adds a special whimsical coziness.

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Ana said...

What fun pictures! Thanks for sharing. I love the new shelf!! It is way cozy!