Friday, March 2, 2007


My man got off work early yesterday because businesses had to shut down early so that the employees could get home...the roads heading out of town were all closed. It was a fun surprise to look up from my crocheting at three in the afternoon and see him! We had a snowy ;) time removing snow from our depended upon where you measured (because of the drifting) but there was overall 6+/- inches of snow everywhere, and drifted higher around the garage. It was enjoyable to stomp through the drifts in my boots...

~Check out what the wind did to the icicles along the roof of the garage! I've never seen them do that before. Also, we had to go by Napa before they closed to get a hole-in-the-tire fixing kit (I don't know the technical term for that goopy stuff, obviously!). It was kind of tricky to make it through town because of the slippery nature of inches of snow with inches of slush beneath it!~

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Ana said...

I know!!! Lots and lots of snow!!! We snowraked the snow off the roof this morning and the snow piled so high that E could stand on them and touch the raingutters!!! But I love it!!!!!