Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Not yet thou knowest what I do
Within thine own weak breast,
To mould thee to My image true,
And fit thee for My rest.
But yield thee to My loving skill;
The veiled work of grace,
From day to day progressing still,
It is not thine to trace.

"Be content to go on quietly. When you discover somewhat in yourself which is earthly and imperfect, be patient while you strive to cast it out. Your perceptions will grow,--at first God will show you very obvious stumbling-blocks;--be diligent in clearing these away, and do not aim at heights to which you are not yet equal. Leave all to God, and while you earnestly desire that He would purify your intention, and seek to work with Him to that end, be satisfied with the gradual process He sets before you; and remember that He often works in ways unseen by us." ~JEAN NICOLAS GROU

Selections from Joy & Strength by Mary Wilder Tileston

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charity said...

What encouraging quotes Katie. I pray that your day is filled with the joy of the Lord.