Monday, March 5, 2007

~*~my little organizing bags~*~

My dearest Mama gave me the neatest purse yesterday! It is made out of a beautiful tapestry fabric and is big enough to hold anything I might want to bring with me. :) I love big purses because I always have need of a bottle of lotion or a pad of paper or a bit of handwork or a good book while I wait somewhere! The only thing is that in a big purse the little items tend to get lost in the bottom. So I have decided to try to fix that problem...with little hand-sewn organizing bags! I had such fun yesterday afternoon, evening, and this morning sewing these two. The first is, as you can see, of orange corduroy with a blue thread daisy and buttonholes, and the second is of blue toile lined in muslin with ecru thread. I sewed the mismatch-edly coordinated ;) buttons on the front of the bags and then crocheted each buttonhole to match the length and size of hole needed for each button. These bags will brighten my day whenever I go digging in my purse!

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Ana said...

I love your little bags. They are so cute and fun!!! Thanks for showing!!!