Tuesday, March 20, 2007

::'~Girl Time~'::

My two little friends, C and S, are at my house today, because... their mommy had a baby last night, so they have a little tiny sister! They stayed with my man and me last night--I had so much fun with them. :) We set up the spare room just for them, so they have a place to put their sweet little stacks of clothes and pink pajamas, their special stuffed animals, and their favorite cozy movies and CDs. We had warm bubble bath time, and braiding little tiny braids time, and reading library books and coloring in coloring books times... I am enjoying myself immensely! I am so thankful to have these two little sweeties in my house keeping me company and doing fun little projects with me.


Ana said...

I love the pictures!!! I really really like the S's little braid piture!! It's so tiny!! And new baby L is so precious!! Sweet and yummy like her two big sisters! I can't wait till the Lord (maybe some day) blesses me with a husband and little children!! yumm! Thanks for sharing. :)

Ashleigh said...

Aw, how sweet! It's so fun to see pictures of the girls. Thanks so much for all your help... I know S and V appreciate it. :)

Norma Lewandowski said...

Love the pictures too, all of them. I enjoy your blog so much Auntie Norm