Monday, March 12, 2007

A Sewing Afternoon

At long last I have been able to do a sewing project! My sewing machine's tensioner unit broke late last fall, and since then I have been watching my sewing projects pile up on my 1915 Singer (which works for some things, but is not exactly reliable!). (My sewing machine is in at the dealer's for repair...but they're taking a long time...) My man's wonderful mother and sisters let me borrow theirs for a little bit, so I was able to finish up a beautiful orange coduroy skirt today for my sweet sister, O, that I have been meaning to do for ages! I knew that the fabric was beautiful (I've been looking at it for the past months!), but I wasn't prepared for how wonderful and rich it would look once gathered and sewn together in tiers. It went fast, and I am happy to say that it is ready in time for our supper. I had told O that I would have it done before this evening, because this evening my man and I are driving up to the farm, and from the farm we will all pile and smoosh into the van and drive to town for supper at a wonderful Mexican restaurant to celebrate my brother's birthday! O and I also decided that the best thing to wear with it would be a pretty light blue shirt...can you just picture how lovely that will be? :) I had fun sewing it and got to finish listening to an audio version of the book Then There Were Five by Elizabeth Enright, which was delightful (O is letting me borrow it!). Now I need to vacuum up the part of the floor below where I was is covered in little orange fuzzies and orange thread snippets! I've warmed up the tea left over from this morning's pot in a saucepan, and poured it into my teacup for a nice little afternoon sip...I suppose it's time to get ready for this evening, too. More later!

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Ana said...

What a beautiful, fun skirt. I'm sure O will love it!! It's so pretty. You have such a wonderful talent being able to sew such fun things! Thanks for sharing, hope you have a wonderful time with family tonight!