Wednesday, March 7, 2007

My [slippery] afternoon walk...

I had the pleasure of a nice little walk this afternoon to do a couple of errands... I live only a couple of blocks away from the main street here in town, so it is easy to get to the bank or the drugstore or the library. It was not too cold out, but the wind was chilly, so I was glad for a warm coat. My mistake was wearing cowboy boots (like I always do...they are my all-purpose, wear-everywhere boot...) because all of the streets in my neighborhood are glare ice (a product of big snows and warm enough daytime temp. to melt it...and then it gets cold again). My progress was slow as a result of the need to excessively watch my footing, but I eventually made it to some firmer ground! I had a letter to drop off at the post office and a check to cash at the bank, but then I got to have a little fun. I stopped in at the drugstore and got some needles and thread for a sewing project that I hope to complete soon, and then I went across the street to walk through our nice little thrift shop. I always like walking through to see what they have, but today I found a couple of things: a knit shirt with three-quarter length sleeves (that I thought was pretty!), and a 1957 edition of Gone Away Lake by Elizabeth Enright (a favorite of mine!) in a delicious green hardback cover. So! All in all it was a very nice afternoon, and I got some fresh air, too!

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