Wednesday, June 25, 2008


temperature in the nineties, fans blowing
bread dough rising, roasted chicken cooling to be deboned, tea needs to be steeped
several loads of laundry to be caught up: two large lights, one dark
surfaces desperately need to be dusted, carpets call for a vacuum again
little girl teething so hard--only wants mama to snuggle and rock, finally asleep for a few minutes
garbages to take out, gardens to weed and water
how do I store coffee and cornmeal and rye flour and white flour, sugar and salt, kombucha jar and whole wheat flour neatly, all on my limited counter space and still have room to bake? ...oh, and onions
must make out grocery list for this weekend's trip to the store

...I think the diaper pail is almost full again.

I love being a wife and mommie!


Elizabeth said...

I love reading about the lives of wives and mommies who love all those "little" things in their lives and callings as wives and mommies ... even on hot, busy days. Thank you for sharing your day and your joy! :)

Elizabeth said...

P.S. I hope and pray your little girlie's teeth are through and she is feeling better!