Monday, June 30, 2008


It was requested that I share how we make maid-rite sandwiches. Now I have never been to the original Maid-Rite cafe nor am I even from Iowa, so I hesitate to say how to make one. It's such a Iowan thing, you know? It was also mentioned that you do not serve them with ketchup. This I did know. I personally would never dream of messing up the particular taste that I love (meat, mustard, raw onion) with ketchup. The only reason it was in the picture in the previous post was because some of us are quite *ahem* attached to our ketchup and are thinking 'deconstructed hamburger' not 'maid-rite' when putting theirs together.

Well, all we do is brown hamburger, then salt it and add a small amount of flour so that it mixes with the grease from browning and helps it to hold together a bit. But only a bit. You'll have to make sure you cook it for a few minutes after that so it doesn't look or taste at all like flour. Then a few drops of Worcestershire sauce (roughly pronounced "wooster" ... pretend you have an English accent) and you're ready to put it in buns.

Aunt Karen, is that sacrilege or something like the real thing?


dorothy said...

Perfect! Now I know what is for dinner tonight. I need another recipe about the same time tommorow to keep this auntie sane. :)

dandelionmom said...

AH HA! I knew there was a way to keep the grease without it being too greasy! (uumm translate that so it sounds yummy!) I will be trying that right away--I may even "go all Iowan" on my man and grind up steak (like Taylors Maid-Rite in Marshalltown where you order by saying the number of sandwiches you want (as in 2-with a Coke)because that is all they make-they grind the beef themselves-ALL including prime rib goes IN!)

Thanks for sharing with the poor transplanted Iowan!--and to think I came here just to count dimples again!

Karen said...

You've got it right. Ketchup is served in packets. You can order them wet or dry. Wet being soggy and dry with the 'grease' drained off. They are good.

Gail said...

Thank you for the recipe. We are trying them tonight. Hope you day was truly blessed! Gail