Monday, June 30, 2008


My man and I stopped at a thrift store last Friday while we were doing errands and I found this treasure. It was way in the back along with some other unromantic suitcases. It is old--well loved and well worn--and came with two other smaller bags in the same tapestry fabric. They all have working zippers and smell fine; apparently the Mrs. Evelyn who had them before used them a lot but took good care of them. Delightful. Caleb let me take them home with me! I was thrilled. They will look nice in my room, and I most definitely plan on using them as my suitcases until they absolutely fall apart. The worn leather and tapestry fabric in such lovely colors make me so happy.

The lady at the counter at the thrift shop looked amused by my obvious delight. I told her, "They're just like something Anne of Green Gables would use!" Heh... She didn't look the sort to understand. Oh, well! :)


Paula said...

Dear Katya,
I understand!!! And they do, indeed, look like something Anne of Green Gables would use! I am so happy you found them and that your dear husband let you bring them home! I know you will enjoy them, they are so beautiful!


Danielle said...

Hi there! I've recently come across your blog (just from looking around for "Mommy" blogs one day) and have enjoyed it so much! Its lovely and sweet and you just seem like such a "kindred spirit". May the Lord bless you in your journeys as a wife and mommy! :) Its wonderful isn't it? I hope you don't mind, (if you do- just say the word) but I've linked to you from my blog.

Charity Dawn said...

Hee! I can imagine the look on her face. Some people just have no imagination. Nice find!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful ... and TOTALLY Anne of Green Gables! I can imagine her taking these with her to Redmond ... and later, to her house of dreams. But some people just aren't aquainted with Anne and give those of us who ARE funny looks when we quote or do something Anne-ish!