Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So much bigger the tummy is.

This picture is courtesy of my sweet sister and was taken while she was at my house after piano lessons yesterday.


Michal said...

Precious! I cannot wait to meet your little tiny one in there... :-) Maybe I will in May :)

beth said...

When is your actual due date, Kiks? I've been wondering about that. I am praying for you and baby. Did I tell you about They have "diaper grants" for missionaries, so I have some friends who use them. Lots of good stuff. love, aunt beth

Katya said...

Auntie Beth~
It is always such a delight to me to see a comment from you in my comment inbox thingy. I am sorry that I don't reply to comments very diligently. I didn't know about the cottonbabies site--I am very glad to have found it! Thank you. :) Your prayers mean so much to me. Baby is due March 15th...only 5 1/2 ish weeks till then. My goodness is it coming up fast! I will most definitely let you know when Baby comes and send pictures. :) I miss seeing you. May the grace and peace of our Jesus be with you always. So much love, Kate

Katya said...

Due Date Update:
At my OB appointment last week, the doctor (not my usual one) explained to me that since both my ultrasounds and my actual tummy measurements agree exactly with a March 22 due date, my due date is much more properly March 22 instead of the original guess of the 15th. So I have a few more days to get ready for Baby Siefkes. :)