Tuesday, January 15, 2008


My Ergo. Money saved for a couple of years in case I had the reason to need one. It's so the way I want to go...carrying the baby against me throughout my days. It's finally here. A treasure.
That cup of coffee in the late afternoon that you promised to give yourself when you finished the housekeeping things that had to be done. Hot. Steaming. Perfect. (I now have an official mug-resting tummy.)
The few moments of restful quiet between, when you tell yourself that you can sit for a minute and just drink in the pleasure of resting.
Afternoon sunlight coming in the window.
Fresh pumpkin bread made by my sweet sister.


Michal said...

Oh, such sweetness :-) Someday I will see your lovely house, but for now I love seeing the pictures of your life. I love you, sweet cousin!

Mrs Pea said...

I just adore your use of simple, lovely photos to tell a story!

I've started baby wrapping our daughter - I couldn't get on with an ergo-like carrier - I would guess you might like using a sling or a wrap as it is very pretty and feminine and intimate feeling. But however you do it, that baby will love being so close to you.