Friday, January 18, 2008


I saw the loveliest 3d paper snowflakes in one of Ann's posts over at Holy Experience this morning. I followed the link to the how-to video and was able to make a couple for my own little home. I had a corner in my living room that I thought would be lovely with one of those in it. I tried one out of white paper first because snowflakes are supposed to be white (obviously!) It was so pretty, but rather startlingly printer-paper-colored alongside my living room's muted tones. So I made one out of brown paper. Folk-art like, don't you know. It's much better. I think ideally I would make it out of a light, creamy parchment paper; so it could be soothing, but still have the brightness of a snowflake.

If you would like to make your own, the how-to video is here.
(The music in the backround of the video is strange at best, certainly not what I'd call feel free to turn off the volume on your computer speakers if you'd rather not endure it!)


Charity Dawn said...

Yeah! another reason for me to procrastinate packing to go to my sister's this weekend! They are lovely!

Michal said...

I love the brown paper one! It looks so vintage-y. Of course, white paper ones would be great for Christmas decorating when everything is white and red and green anyway :-) Snowflakes for every part of the season. I love them :)