Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sister Time the garden

Weeding onions and garlic...watering the rest of the garden because of the drought. Do you see my first beautiful little red tomato peeking out from behind the leaves?


Ana said...

Oh yay!!! I'm so glad you have sister time. It's the best!! Hurrah for the little tomato! It's so fun when they are red and you can eat them, fresh and all that jazz. :) Your pictures of your dresses/skirts are so pretty. It's so much fun to wear long dresses and skirts! It makes you want to clean house, cook, work in the garden, water flowers or something, very old fashioned! I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Katie, it was so enjoyable being with your family several weeks ago. I got your website address from Auntie Beth and have been enjoying your gentle, beautiful postings. Thanks for slowing me down and sharing it with me. :-) love, auntie pam