Saturday, July 14, 2007

Morning Omelet

My house has a lingering scent of freshly minced and sauted of the best smells for a home to have, in my opinion. Omelets are probably silly things to post about. I was just captivated by the colors and smells and tastes. It is so pleasant to potter about a clean kitchen on a Saturday morning. Oh, yes...and the omelet tasted even better than it looks. So simple, but so tasty: oil/butter, onion (1/2), garlic (1 clove), fresh pepper (a small piece), eggs (3), a little bit of finely grated mozzarella cheese, salt and pepper...all wrapped up in a warm tortilla (three in this case). A perfect breakfast.


Ana said...

Yuuuuuuummmmmmmyyyyy!!!:) What pretty colors!! I agree. It looks so yummy and pretty. Omelets are so much fun to make and eat. :)

Charity Dawn said...

I love your posts again! Wish I could comment on all of them. We are heading to Sioux Falls very briefly. It was so good to see you for a few short minutes on the site! I've missed having a buddy to get up and make lunch boxes with me and then spend time crocheting and watching Anne! We are definitely looking forward to a break to be able to vacation with you both. I'll probably be calling you about some plans sometime soon. L8tur!