Thursday, July 5, 2007

July 4th

It was a truly wonderful day. My man's family, my family, my dear Uncle Kevin and Aunt Emma (and their littlies), and my Grammy Rose were all together for a picnic supper at our house. My man grilled and there were delicious salads...everyone brought one that the rest of us always ask them to make. :) We set up the food buffet-style on our patio table and then sat under our big walnut tree canopy to eat. The food was delicious, and the fellowship brought such joy to my heart! After supper we gathered with others of our local church for hymn singing, open forum question & answer time, and prayer. Afterwards my Aunt Emma (upon our request) sang some of her favorite Ukrainian hymns for hauntingly beautiful (melody and words...I need to learn them). Then it was time for cupcakes and bug spray and walking to the lake for fireworks! We spread out quilts on the hill at the edge of the lake and ooh-ed and ahh-ed through a half hour of lovely fireworks. The walk back home was a much more sleeping one than the walk there. ;) Then lots of girls made dishes go quickly (thanks everyone!). I think we all wished to linger around talking forever, but one by one families dispersed to get children (and themselves) off to bed. Emma and Kevin stayed at our house for the night (a real treat!!)...we eventually stopped talking and went to bed. ;) It was a day to be treasured and remembered.




Charity Dawn said...

What a fun time you must have had with everyone! I'm glad that your holiday was so extra special!

Ana said...

Oh Kat, everything was so wonderful. How kind you and C are to have every one come to your house. Your pictures are so neat!! I love the fireworks!! Thank you, thank you for a wonderful, fun filled day!! Love ya both.

Elizabeth said...

Like the rest of your blog, this post is so beautiful. Since I send a lot of time cooking and baking, I love all the pictures of the food ... they perfectly capture the beautiful parts of cooking and baking! I haven't commented before ... but every time i check your blog I find something beautiful and uplifting. Thank you! Feel free to drop by my blog anytime! :->

Katya said...

Elizabeth~ Thank you for the comment! It is always a nice surprise to find a comment from someone that you didn't know was there. :) I glad that you enjoy some of the pictures and such. The Lord brings so many beautiful things into my days, and I love to share them! I enjoyed perusing your blog as well...I'll be coming back!