Tuesday, July 24, 2007

herb tea

There's nothing half so refreshing as cold herb tea drunk from a jar. No sweetener. If you want a bit of interest, add peppermint for its peculiar cooling, almost sweet, taste. I make my own tea bags for loose leaf herbs out of flour sack towel material and crocheting thread. As you use them they get a gentle tea stain to them, which I find delicious. You can, as I have done, make both larger more rectangular bags for steeping enough for a quart jar or half gallon pitcher, or smaller squarish ones for individual teacups or mugs. You should have some herb tea too!
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Ana said...

Yumm! I love your tea bags. I have to make myself some. It makes me so happy when you bring them over. :) Hurrah for handmade, loose leaf tea bags! And iced tea is so the best drink on hot, muggy days. :) God certainly made you to marry my brother and fit in our family. :) How wonderful is that!? Simply, perfectly, wonderfully wonderful!! :) That's how wonderful!