Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cookie Jar

This specimen of beauty was a gift to me from my dear sis. We were out browsing a great big thrift store in the cities (actually, it was the same day that I got my beautiful bedspread, if you recall) when I came upon this cookie jar and promptly was overcome by the blueness of it all. She got it for me as a sisterly present, and now it graces my kitchen counter top. Since last week it has been faithfully dispensing oatmeal peanut butter chocolate chip cookies (properly know as "Oatrageous Cookies"... a delicious recipe from my friend Rebekah). It even came with the proper seal on the lid so my cookies stay fresh! Hhmm...what kind of cookie should I put in there now?


Ana said...

I love your little blue cookie jar. It's so cute and I love the way it looks. So fun! And the cookies it holds are just as wonderful. ;) What a good job it does!

Blugrasmom said...

Great cookie jar and sweet sister!! Also, sounds like great cookies. Would you consider posting the recipe? How about Snickerdoodles or Soft Molasses cookies for your next batch??

Mary said...

Oh, again with the thrift store and in the cities! Shall I hold my breath until I turn blue or the identity revealed! Soon please vacation is almost over!!!