Thursday, July 19, 2007


Meet Herman. A Swallowtail butterfly. What variety of swallowtail butterfly, I'm not sure. He is residing at the moment in a nice big jar with a couple stems of his favorite plant, Dill. Can you see him? This arrangement makes it easy for me to watch his progress as he changes from a caterpillar to a butterfly. I was told that it would take weeks, even a until then I enjoy having his jar on my table where I can see him. It's amazing to think of what changes are taking place under the greenness of his little shell. Herman was originally from some dill plants on my parents' farm; they rescued him from the dangers of the outside world and faithfully fed him dill until he wove his little cocoon. Then they brought him to me. Well, so now you've met him.

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Ana said...

Hello Herman! *Waves* I'm glad you have "someone" to keep you company, Kat. :) It is so much fun to watch them come out as butterflies. And yes, it is amazing to think of what is going on in there.:) Isn't God amazing?!