Monday, July 30, 2007

~china art~

I have always loved blue and white patterned dishes, and so over the years I have collected different pieces to use in my home. Among these is a set of blue willow dishes that were gifted to me by a friend. I use them for my everyday dishes even though they are so lovely because it brings joy to me to set a lovely table. One consequence of this indulgence of my desire for everyday prettiness is breakage. And today was one of those days. I broke a pretty little blue and white bowl while cleaning up my kitchen after dinner. But I must admit to you that I did not sorrow over it, as, you see, I have a penchant for bits of broken pottery, glass and china. I had this idea to use the pieces as you would pretty rocks or glass beads to make something. And so I made a Pretty Hanging Thing for my kitchen. What exactly you'd call it, I'm not sure, but I do like it.

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Ana said...

How creative!! Leave it to Kat to find something to do with broken glass. I love your little "artful hanging thing." It's so pretty. :) I'm sad that your bowl broke, but I'm happy to see what you've made from it!