Thursday, May 10, 2007

Time with my friend~'::

My man and I are staying at our dear friends' house for the remainder of this week. We drove up to S and Charity's in Granite Falls on Tuesday evening. The men are spending long days in the cities putting up fence, and we girls are getting to do housework, meal-making, and projects together! It is so wonderful to have a dear friend to spend my days with. Yesterday Charity and I had such a nice day. We took a walk and visited R and her sweet babies, started some crocheting projects, cooked and washed up together and such. I took pictures of our day yesterday, and I'll post them tonight or tomorrow when my man brings the camera back (he's got it on the job site today so I can know about what they're working on). It is getting really warm here (in the eighties!) so Charity and I tried to keep the house cool with fans and such. Our men came back thirsty and sunburned, but I know that my man is really enjoying working with S. We plan to do some grocery shopping today and maybe go to some garage sales on Saturday (looking for baby clothes for Charity!). More blogging later...

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