Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Old West Pictures

I spent a lovely day yesterday at my parents' farm spending time with my Mama and my siblings (and my Daddy at suppertime!). We dressed up and had such fun taking 'Old West' portraits. ::'~*~'::


Mrs Pea said...

Your photos are always so evocative and interesting, Katya. What a lovely way to spend a day!

Charity Dawn said...

How fun! You all look so neat in your western outfits! Oh, can you give me their address? E-mail it or post it or something? That would be so nice. I miss having you here:o(

Leah said...

O! you must have had a ton of fun! Your dresses look so wonderful! And the horses are perfect! Thanks for sharing!

Ana said...

I love the pictures! How cozy! I love old west pictures. And you've done such a wonderful job recreating the old west! Funness!!!

Emmachka said...

In case I haven't said so for a while... I LOVE your blog. It has become a staple for my daily perusal. Hopefully sometime this summer we can do some photos of you and yours but with faces for me to bring home with me!! Can't wait to see you... love you so much, Emma

Katya said...

Auntie Em,
You'll love the 'full version' of these pictures that we took. They all have faces ;), I just cropped them out for the blog! But yes, we'll have so much fun getting pictures of our times TOGETHER. Just a few more weeks now...hoorah!!
Love you, Katya