Friday, May 4, 2007

Of rain and fence posts

In interesting contrast to my morning's post about sewing with gingham and ticking stripe with roses, this post is about my afternoon with mud and boots and fence posts.

It rained off and on today--a warm enough day to still be pleasant even when wet. My man and I had a job this afternoon helping a guy take up the fences at his farm place (he's making his sheep's grazing ground larger).

I wore rubber boots because of the mud and a favorite wool shirt to keep out the wind and rain. I got to ride with my man in a large and impressive payloader while he drove it from his work to his boss's farm place where we were working. The rain came spattering against the big glass front of the cab as we drove down the road and the one windshield-wiper cleaned off a place for us to see where we were going.

We snipped the fence free from the steel fence post, and then rolled up all of the wire mesh fencing along the field. My man had use of the skidloader, so he drove up to each post, and I hooked a chain around it, and he pulled it out. Then I'd unhook the chain, toss the post aside, and trot to the next fence post where we would start all over again. We repeated this along several lengths of fence and came up with quite a pile of posts by the time we were done. I was surprised by how quickly it went and fun it actually was to do it.

The air was damp and cool and the breeze felt good. In between fences I stacked bricks for a bit. Rather a nice bit of work. Makes one feel sort of productive. :) My man and I plan to do the same tomorrow morning for a little bit. Perhaps I'll get some pictures of our un-fencing endeavors to show you. Until later then...

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