Thursday, May 24, 2007

~Why we do it~

"How do I regard my having run upstairs with tea, or having served breakfast in bed, or having continued for years to do this kind of thing for a diversity of people, as well as for husband and children? How do I look at it? Do I feel like a martyr? Let me tell you exactly how I see it.

First, I say silently to the Lord, perhaps not always, but really almost every time: 'Thank You that there is a practical way to serve You tea [or breakfast in bed, or whatever it is I am doing for someone]. There would be no other way of bringing You food, or doing some special thing for You. Thank you for making it so clear that as we do things that are truly in the realm of giving of ourselves in service to others, we are really doing it for You. These things can be done so often!'"

~Edith Schaeffer from her book Common Sense Christian Living

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Charity Dawn said...

What a good thing to remember! To serve others as we would strive to serve God. That really makes serving others seem like a joy.