Saturday, May 26, 2007


::'~My lovely pink peonies are blooming now! ...Red yarrow from my man's mama getting used to being in my garden. ...Enjoying pearly nails... I am very excited about having a new 'E' string on my fiddle; 'Orange Blossom Special' here we come! We have plants waiting to be put in the vegetable garden...I missed the smell of a tomato plant so much. I have one little yellow curtain for my porch done...two more to go (it makes the porch look sweet). I spent some time washing my man's car and polishing some chrome. :) See also my lovely purple and white cascading petunias from my man's family for my birthday. Aren't they lovely? ~'::

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Ana said...

What a fun, sunny day!!! Your flowers are beautiful. It's fun to have fresh painted nails. And it's always best to have all the strings on your fiddle. :) Your curtains are so cute!!! Would love to see them!!!