Sunday, April 15, 2007

~weekend pictures~

My younger sister and brother are staying with my man and me for a couple of days while my parents go on a quick day-trip. Such fun! (Other brother W is still at the farm to help with the farmwork. Miss you W!)

~my Man welding to make a grader~*~grading our driveway with the dixon yesterday~*~little sweetie in the nursery at church~*~sister's hair~

~doors outside to plane off rubbing edges~*~dearest Man painting our boat on this fine day~*~me~*~sweet sister reading Little Men~

~barefoot boy with cheek of tan~

1 comment:

Ana said...

I'm so happy you have the time to spend with your little brother and sister while your parents are gone! What fun!!! It's a wonderful day to be outside and it looks like you're enjoying it!!!!