Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Making a little progress...~'::

Sewing a rag rug together is kind of a slow process, but I enjoy watching it grow and seeing how the colors blend together in such a pretty way. (Oh, and, yes, this picture is of the bottom of the rug...I'm hoping to not have too many stitches showing on the top!) I just have a few more "rows" (if you can call them that when they're in a circle!) to go now. Hurrah! I think that I will enjoy it on my hearth during the summer when the wood pieces and ashes aren't making such a mess, but I'll have to find another suitable place for it once the cold weather comes.

It is interesting how a person braids a bit of themselves into something like this. I'm making it to warm and beautify my home, with the thoughts and plans and hopes that go through your mind while you work on it somehow becoming a part of the rug itself. You come to know the particular shade of pink corduroy well after working with it for a while and greet it like an old friend when you come back to it. I think of the women of past years who have invested their time in making many such rugs. Even women who first settled in the area that I am living in now, living in strange new places as they often were, without the people and comforts of the life that they knew before. What comfort it must have been to them to braid the fabric together, adding color and beauty to their home and providing warmth for their family. Hhmm. I kind of wish that I knew the person who went to the time to carefully prepare these fabrics for a rag rug so they could know how much I am enjoying them now!

Ah, well. Time to go make dinner for my man now. Yummy fried rice, I think. :)


Mrs Pea said...

It's looking beautiful, Katya. When I was a little girl, I would stay with my Nana and Grandad in London, and they had rugs outside each door in their home - the internal doors to rooms I mean. I never did ask why - I just accepted it. Just think of all those opportuinities for rug making!

Ana said...

You've done so much work. :) It looks really, really nice. It will warm up the area where ever you put it!

charity said...

It is coming along so nicely! What a big project. It is fun to hear how you explained the process of rug making. Truly, it will become a cozy place in your home.