Thursday, April 19, 2007


I took a little walk down to the garden this afternoon and found... that my rhubarb plants are starting to put out tiny leaves! It will be their first spring here in my garden, so we'll see how well they actually do, but it's exciting to see them anyway. :)


Ana said...

I'm happy your rhubarb is growing!!! I hope you will have enough to make rhubarb crunch!! :) Yum!!!

charity said...

It is so fun to see things starting to grow now! Yeah! Spring is really here. Oh, you should be getting a letter:oD

Mrs Pea said...

Oh delicious! We have rhubarb too. Apparently you should leave the crown undisturbed the first year and only pick the second year. We did that but after moving the 'barb this winter I am warily harvesting just a little. I read ages ago at Laine's Letters to feed the 'barb with muck and water it "even when it is raining" - works for us!

I like to add raspberries to the fruit - it sweetens and adds the pink prettiness that summer garden 'barb lacks in my opinion.