Tuesday, April 17, 2007


My dear Mama came to town a bit early today for my sister's piano lessons so that we could spend a few minutes browsing my little thrift shop beforehand. It was sunny out and pleasant to be doing anything about town, especially with Mama and O. (Women's clothes were half off (woohoo!) so $4 jeans became $2, and a $1.75 shirt was $.85!)

I found a real treasure during my quick browse...

A large zippered plastic blanket-bag full of rag balls! For $1! Someone went to the time of cutting, sewing together, and rolling the fabric from many corduroy, denim and some regular cotton pieces of clothing. A true treasure. I have always wanted to try making braided rag rugs, but have never had the amount of rag fabric or the time/patience to cut and sew and roll enough for a rug. I only took pictures of a couple of the color groups, but there were many. I am so excited to start my very first rag rug! (And until I start, I find the piles of real rags so aesthetically pleasing, sorted by color as they are and grouped together in a large basket!)


Ana said...

I am so happy you were able to get some really fun things!!! Can't wait to see what comes of the balls of fabric! :)

charity said...

rag rugs are so fun to do! How nice that you were able to find all of that for a dollar!